Bigg Boss Season 6 Finale - And The Winner Is ?

So after 96 Days, Bigg Boss Season 6 has reached its Grand Finale with Niketan Madhok, Urvashi Dholakia, Sana Khan and Imam Siddiqui as the last 4 contestants remaining.

Delnaaz Irani, one of the strongest contestant to win the show, was evicted this past week in a mid-week eviction and Rajev Paul, Delnaaz ex-husband, was evicted yesterday, a day before the Grand Finale.

So the question remains that which of the 4 contestants is going to go home with Rs.50 lacs tonight.

Niketan Madhok - Niketan Madhok was just an observer in the first few weeks of the show. He has slowly and steadily build up his chances as the show went on. He has been the cool headed guy throughout the show except for couple of moments. He has been very lucky too. A task was given by Bigg Boss in which he was the best performer which resulted in him being a Captain of the House for 2 Weeks and a direct entry to the Finale.

Urvashi Dholakia  - With the exit of Delnaaz Irani, Urvashi Dholakia has become the Strongest Contestant among the top 4 to win Bigg Boss Season 6. Throughout the Show, Urvashi has never shied away from putting her points across to her Co-contestants. Sanjay Jumani, who had come as a guest in the House, had said that she has the Highest chances of winning the show.

Sana Khan - Sana Khan wasn't given much of a chance to win the show initially. However, her bubbliness and cuteness, have worked her magic among the viewers of the show. Whether her girly closeness with Aashka Goradia, her flirting with Vishal Karwal or being wooed by Rajev Paul, Sana has managed to keep the viewers glued to her. Sanjay Jumani had mentioned her also as having a strong chance for winning this season of Bigg Boss.

Imam Siddiqui - Imam Siddiqui entered the show mid way through the season to Bigg Boss Rural House. He was subsequently evicted within 3 days for aggressive unruly behavior. He then apologised and returned to the show after couple of days. After making it clear to everyone that he is in the show for only Entertainment, Imam hasn't disappointed although sometimes it became irritating. However, whatever Imam has done, seems to have worked as he has made it to the Grand Finale.

Going by past seasons, Urvashi Dholakia seems to have the Highest Chances of winning Bigg Boss Season 6.

Who do you think is going to win Bigg Boss season 6 ? - BTM (Bollywood Tadka Masala)