What! Pooja Misrra Files A 100 Crore Defamation Lawsuit Against Sunny Leone

In case you think this is a hoax news, then you are very wrong. Pooja Misrra has indeed filed a defamation case against Sunny Leone for a whopping ₹100 crores. Now that surely has to catch your attention.

The story starts in 2011 when Pooja Misrra took part in Bigg Boss season 5 and then enters Sunny Leone in the same show. Negative vibes spread between the duo and after exiting the show, according to Pooja, Sunny gave defamatory interviews against Pooja in the media out of 'jealousy'. Pooja simply couldn't take it anymore and files a case against Sunny, after 'only 5 years'.

"Adjourned..beyond vacation," said Justice Naresh Patil, who was sitting in a division bench, when the matter was called out before court. The petitioner was not present.

The matter is expected to come up for hearing in June 2016.