Ayesha Takia's Befitting Reply To Trollers

Ayesha Takia is back in the limelight but all for the wrong reasons after pics of her at an event surfaced in which she apparently looks different from how she looked earlier. The pics set the social media abuzz with people trolling the actress for her enlarged lips and puffy cheeks.

Here is the contentious pic of Ayesha that has set the social media ablaze.

However, unfazed by the whole episode, Ayesha took to instagram to give befitting reply to her trollers. Ayesha has posted a gorgeous pic of herself and she captioned the pic "Hey all you fabulous ppl, let's be super proud of who we are right now coz it's freakin 2017 and we ain't letting no bullies bring us down. I love myself and you should love yourself too. Be who u wanna be n do what u wanna do, don't allow insecure souls to try n calm down ur confidence. Be fabulous n #StopSelfieShaming , stop picking on ppl for who they wanna be it's lame AF. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one😜 so screw what others think and OWN it baby💋 #ILoveMyself #dontCareAboutFalseRumours".

*Way to go Ayesha. Kudos.*


[image source - instagram]